South Point Ex-Students' Association
16 Mandeville Gardens , Calcutta - 700 019
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To be furnished by the APPLICANT at the time of joining
(Please see Rules & Regulations mentioned at the end of the page.)
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Rules and Regulations
1. Payment should be made by A/c payee cheque / Demand Draft only payable at Kolkata, drwan in favour of 'ASPEXS'. The applicant must mention his / her name on the reverse of the cheque.
2. Membership is not transferable under any circumstances.
3. Submission of the application form does not automatically entitle the applicant to become a member of the Association. Membership will be granted at the discretion of the Managing Committee.
4. Rules may be amended or revised from time to time, and the amended or revised rules will be applicable to all members irrespective of their date of admission.
5. The Managing Committee reserves the right to cancel the membership of a member without assigning any reason. In case of expulsion, the member shall not be entitled to any compensation, monetary or otherwise.